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Colorado State reportedly wants to form new conference

Colorado State, along with New Mexico, is looking to form a new conference, and they are attempting to lure BYU and Boise State.


Conference realignment never seems to end. The latest news has the Colorado St. Rams and New Mexico Lobos looking to possibly form a new conference, and the two schools are also in talks of trying to lure BYU and Boise State as founding members. This is all according to Dennis Dodd of

The talks are in the very early stages, and this attempt to form a league has only been discussed between New Mexico's Paul Krebs and Colorado State's Jack Graham, both are the school's athletic directors.

This proposed new league is so early in the preliminary stages that commissioner Craig Thompson recently spoke with Colorado State president Tony Frank and the subject of a new league never came up.

A reason behind forming a new conference is to attempt to increase Colorado State's current payout they are receiving from the Mountain West. Currently, Colorado State makes just under $1 million per season for the next three seasons.

The only leverage that Colorado State has is if they can somehow convince BYU and Boise State to join this new conference. Those two schools are the most important in terms of getting a respectable group together.

A source from the Dodd article says that if Boise State or BYU joins up with Colorado State in a new conference, then Houston, SMU and San Diego State could be convinced to follow suit.