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Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain: 'Have I created a bunch of choir boys?'

Colorado State's head coach is concerned his team is not letting loose come game day.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

New Colorado St. Rams head coach Jim McElwain has instilled some fairly strict guidelines for his players this season. They include wearing suits on game days, saying please and thank you as well as sir and ma'am. There are high standards on road trips, the locker room must be up to McElwain's standards and there is no trash talking.

McElwain addressed the media earlier in the week and is wondering if the players are not being aggressive on the field due to the rules he has placed on his team:

"Now, sometimes I wonder when we get between the hedges have I created a bunch of choir boys? Are we playing with the intensity that crazed dogs play with on a Saturday in that three-hour span? I'm not sure we are."


"I'm not sure we're cutting it loose (during games)," McElwain said. "So when you look back and reflect on that, we need to find that."

Even with the aggressiveness not up to McElwain's standards, he still believes this team is getting better. He just wants to figure out the balance of getting his players to be good people, but fierce players on the football field.

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