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Colorado State board of governors approves on-campus football stadium

The Colorado State board of governors approved an on-campus football stadium on Thursday, but there is still a lot of money to be raised and work to be done to make the stadium a reality.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Colorado State board of governors unanimously approved a new on-campus football stadium on Thursday, according to a report from The Coloradoan.

While the vote is encouraging to proponents of the project, it doesn't mean the $246 million, 43,000-seat stadium is a lock to be built. The vote simply authorized President Tony Frank to begin fundraising for the project, start a program development plan and add the stadium to the campus master plan, submit a financial proposal to the governing board and work with the community to minimize impact should the stadium go up.

The project is not without its opponents however, as they laid out a long list of complaints including traffic, noise pollution, parking challenges and misallocation of funding. There are also those who are opposed to the proposed site of the stadium.

Via the Coloradoan:

Students who work for the university's student gardens, told board members the stadium would assume what is considered one of the "last" pieces of agricultural land on campus, in the Plant Environmental Research Center.

"As the Aggies, how could we remove the last piece of agricultural land?" student Robin Goldstein asked.

Frank hopes to raise half of the stadium's proposed $246 million price tag through philanthropic fundraising, and strongly opposes the idea of using taxpayer, student or university general fund money to pay for it. Beyond the fundraising, it would appear that Frank and his supporters have their work cut out for them.