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CSU athletic department booster 'not committed' to on-campus stadium yet

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One of Colorado State's chief donors may not be on board with plans for new football stadium

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One of Colorado State's biggest financial supporters may not be on board for the school's plans to build a new on-campus football stadium. Pat Stryker, founder of the Bohemian Foundation and a big donor to the school's athletic department, said Tuesday she is "not committed to providing financial support to the new stadium project," according to the Denver Post.

CSU president Tony Frank issued a statement Monday supporting the construction of a $250 million on-campus football stadium to replace the Rams' current home, Hughes Stadium, which is north of campus. A lack of financial support from Stryker, a billionaire heiress to a medical equipment fortune, would be a costly blow.

According to the story, Stryker hasn't ruled out a donation but rather is "focused on other philanthropic activities through Bohemian Foundation's programs and special initiatives."

In his statement, Frank said half of the cost of the new stadium would come from donation such as the one Stryker would need to contribute:

"At this point, the clearest path that I can envision is $125 million of philanthropic funds supported by stadium revenue commitments able to service $125 million of debt."