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Colorado State vs. San Diego State score update: Rams down 17-7 at halftime

The Colorado State Rams trail San Diego State at halftime, 17-7.

San Diego State opened up a 10-point lead against Colorado State in the second quarter of Saturday's game. The teams finished the first quarter tied at seven points apiece, but a 10-point second period by the Aztecs put the Rams behind 17-7 at halftime.

Chance Marden kicked a 34-yard field goal to start the second quarter. Then, following a CSU interception, the Aztecs scored a touchdown just over a minute later. Ryan Katz found Chad Young for a seven-yard touchdown pass, leading the Aztecs to a 17-7 advantage.

San Diego State put up 209 total yards of offense, compared to CSU's 143.

Freshman quarterback Conner Smith came in for M.J. McPeek in the second quarter. For Smith, it's the first action he's seen all season. That wasn't apparent through the freshman's first seven passes, which were all completions for a total of 51 yards.

It might just be the spark the Rams needed, with the team losing its last five games.