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CSU President Tony Frank recommends construction of on-campus stadium

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Colorado State president Tony Frank has formally recommended an on-campus football stadium in Fort Collins

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Colorado State University president Tony Frank has formally recommended that the university begin raising funds to build an on-campus stadium in Fort Collins. Early estimates have put the cost of a new stadium at $250 million, and Frank has stated that the university would like to finance the stadium with $125 million in contributions and $125 million of debt, with the $125 million mark being imperative in terms of contribution levels. Nothing has been formally agreed to, but the next phase of planning will involve fund raising and a detailed plan for stadium development that will be submitted for approval by the CSU Board of Governors.

Frank also mentioned that the stadium plan could include a $16 million alumni welcome center that would be attached to the proposed stadium.

The Rams currently play home games at Hughes Stadium, which is about four miles west of CSU's main campus. Part of the reason that a new stadium may make sense is that Hughes Stadium needs an estimated $30 million in repairs over the next decade, if not more.