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Troy Tulowitzki Closing On Return To Colorado

Troy Tulowitzki's progress on his rehab assignment could have the him back in the lineup this week.

"Each game I've gotten better," Tulowitzki said, "I want to get through each day. When I am ready, I will know it."

In his most recent start, Tulo went 0-4 for Double-A Tulsa on Saturday.

Although Rockies manager Jim Tracy wants Tulowitzki back in the lineup, he is cautious to make sure the shortstop is healthy enough.

"We would like to see him play this year, but that's just my wishes. He has to be cleared from a health standpoint," Tracy said.

Tulowitzki will have to return this week as his 20-day rehab assignment ends midweek. Though he will rejoin the team, he does not have to be activated.

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