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Michael Cuddyer Injury Update: Rockies OF Looking To Play Again In 2012

Michael Cuddyer has missed a large chunk of time during the Rockies' recent resurgence with a nagging oblique injury. At the time it was suffered, it was unclear just how much time the outfielder was going to miss, but he has yet to suit up again for the Rockies since suffering it.

According to a short blurb in Troy Renck's newest blog for the Denver Post, Cuddyer does want to return to the Rockies at some point this season:

–Michael Cuddyer (oblique) wants to play again this season, but there are no guarantees.

Cuddyer's return won't be the magic bullet that could put the Rockies into the playoffs, so his return being unsure isn't too much of a problem for the team. However, Cuddyer would like to play for the team again before the off season begins.

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