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Rockies Considering Mark Wiley For 'Director Of Pitching'

Being a member of the pitching staff in Colorado is never an easy task, and that goes for pitching coaches as well. Reportedly, the Rockies are going with a new plan involving a full front office position entirely based on pitchers getting put into place. According to CBS, they have been eying Florida Marlins assistant Mark Wiley as a possible 'Director of Pitching':

The new plan is to hire a Director of Pitching, and hand him responsibility and authority over all parts of the organization, from scouting and drafting, through development, and all the way to bringing pitchers to the major leagues.

Wiley has worked for the Rockies before, acting as a special assistant to the club in 2006/2007. Since then, he has been a member of the Marlins organization in several different positions.

If Wiley comes back to Colorado to work the pitching, he will have his work cut out for him. The staff currently sits at the bottom of the MLB barrel with a 5.19 ERA collectively.

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