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Rockies GM Tried To Fire Himself, Owner Dick Monfort Said No

The Colorado Rockies are in the midst of their biggest front office shakeup in years. With the team limping into a 37-65 record, second-worst in the MLB, general manager Dan O'Dowd apparently offered his resignation to team owner Dick Monfort, but the boss said no:

"I sat with Dick and said, 'Hey, listen, it would make it easier on you, just throw me under the bus here. In some ways, I'll be better off for it, too,'" O'Dowd told me after the club announced its latest organizational shakeup this week.

"But he won't do that and I can't leave him because no one knows more about this place than I do. You bring another GM here and it will take him years just to get up to speed on the issues we have here, how different it is. I don't have all the answers, but the only way you find answers is you've got to try different things. You can't think traditionally."

The Rockies, who have never won the NL West, have had a winning record in only 3 of the previous 12 seasons and have reached the playoffs only 3 times in their 20-year history.

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