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Colorado Rockies Plan To Add Director Of Pitching Operations After Front Office Shake Up

General manager Dan O'Dowd is giving up some of his responsibilities with the Colorado Rockies. O'Dowd remains a large part of the organization -- he'll continue to make trades and be responsible for personnel moves -- but his right-hand man Bill Geivett now becomes the senior vice president of major league operations. The title means Geivetter will monitor the performance of manager Jim Tracy and his staff, as well as other various programs such as strength-and-conditioning and scouting.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reported on Wednesday that O'Dowd plans to hire a director of pitching operations, a position O'Dowd describes as "someone who wakes up and thinks about pitching 24/7."

O'Dowd will turn some of his attention to the minor leagues and player development within the organization.

"No, the beauty of this is Geiv-o and I have a working relationship for going on 10 years," O'Dowd said. "In that 10-year period we have agreed and disagreed. We have hugged each other and we have fought. He's a man of character who stands up for what he believes in. Honestly in the role of how to play the game, how pieces fit in the right spot, he's better at that than I am."

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