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2012 Home Run Derby: Carlos Gonzalez Not Concerned About Derby Affecting His Swing

Home Run Derby participants met with the media on Monday and spoke on several different topics, including how the derby might alter the players' swings, perhaps to the detriment of their performance in the second half. Carlos Gonzalez isn't worried about it.

Q. Sometimes you hear players who have participated in the Home Run Derby alter their approach to the plate after having participated; is that something of a concern to you, and how does it feel to be in this event?

CARLOS GONZALEZ: Like I said, we are going to jump on the field and you know, just try to put a good show up for the fans. Of course, we are all trying to hit a home run, but at the end of the day, we all are going to come back tomorrow to play a game, and you know, we have just got to do the routine that we always do during BP. You know, I'm not even concerned about that. Just take my swings, and you know, enjoy the show with my guys here.

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The 2012 Home Run Derby begins at 6:00 p.m. MT on Monday night; ESPN is covering the event.

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