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MLB Trade Deadline: Rockies Avoid Fire Sale As Deadline Passes

There seemed to be only two ways that the trade deadline's final few days could go for the Rockies as it approached, considering the lowly state of the team at this point in the 2012 season. People were expecting either a complete and full on fire sale, or nothing much to happen at all.

With the deadline now at its end, the Rockies set themselves into the latter option. Other than some minor moves including a trade that sent Marco Scutero to the San Francisco Giants, there wasn't much movement for the Rockies compared to some other lower-tier teams like the Cubs and Astros.

The biggest rumors coming up to the deadline involved reliever Rafael Betancourt, who had been heavily linked to plenty of teams including the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees.

Trades are not barred after July 31, but teams are only allowed to trade players after they have passed through waivers. That leaves guys like Jason Giambi on the trade block, but probably shuts the door on the chances of moving guys like Betancourt.

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