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Ramon Hernandez Rumors: Rays Check In On Rockies' Catcher

The Tampa Bay Rays have "sniffed around" on Colorado Rockies catcher Ramon Hernandez recently, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. Hernandez has struggled this year, but the Rays have gotten absolutely miserable performances this summer from their present catching options.

While he's battled some injuries, the 36-year-old Hernandez has played pretty poorly when he's been able to get onto the field. Over 124 plate appearances this season, Hernandez has batted .200/.244/.348 with four homers, although he's partially the victim of an abnormally low .200 BABIP.

The Rays have used Jose Molina, Chris Gimenez and Jose Lobaton behind the plate this season, but they're still searching for a solid option. While none of those guys was expected to be great at the plate, they've all been particularly bad this season.

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