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Johnny Herrera Injury: DL Stint For Infielder Caused By Wrist Infection

Chris Nelson and Juan Nicasio were both sent to the disabled list by the Colorado Rockies in recent days because of known injuries. Nelson had a heart condition and Nicasio was sidelined for the rest of the year becuase of bone chips in his knee. The Rockies had also sent shortstop and second baseman Johnny Herrera to the DL, but the reasons for that one were unknown.

Troy Renck finally tweeted the reason on Tuesday, and it's a bit more interesting a problem than most people were likely expecting to hear. Herrera apparently has been sidelined because of a wrist infection caused by a watch:

There's no word on how long Herrera is expected to be out because of the odd 'injury'. No word on how exactly a watch could get his wrist infected, either.

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