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2012 MLB Draft: Kevin Gausman Talking Return To LSU As July 13 Deadline For Orioles Approaches

Colorado native and LSU Tigers pitcher Kevin Gausman was selected by the Baltimore Orioles with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, but as the July 13 deadline for signing picks approaches, Gausman isn't afraid to discuss a return to LSU for his Junior season. It could just be posturing as Gausman and his agent use their leverage against the Orioles to get the best deal, but there isn't much time left to strike an agreement and LSU is a powerhouse program in the NCAA where he could keep his stock high for 2013.

Gausman was a draft-eligible sophomore this season, so he has two years more of NCAA eligibility, but the new draft cap system is designed to keep contracts within the league-recommended slot value so there may be little upside to a return to LSU. Here is what Gausman recently told

"This is turning out to be a tough decision, but as of now my heart is still with LSU," Gausman said. "There are still things for me to accomplish as a Tiger. I still want to play in and win the College World Series, and with a lot of guys coming back next year, I believe we can do it."

Again, the deadline for teams to sign their draft picks to a major league contract is Friday, July 13.

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