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MLB Draft 2012: Rockies Were Set To Pick P Ty Hensley In First Round, According To Report

Drafts in every sport are unpredictable, with one pick often setting off a chain reaction that affects every team after it. The 2012 MLB Draft was no exception, and the Colorado Rockies were one team that had it's prospective draft pick altered by a series of selections that came before it.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS, the Colorado Rockies were all set to pick high school pitcher Ty Hensley with the No. 10 overall pick. Likewise, the Pittsburgh Pirates had settled on high school outfielder David Dahl with the No. 8 overall pick. But when Stanford pitcher Mark Appel, who was expected to be the No. 1 overall pick, slipped in the first round, the Pirates ditched their original plans and snapped him up. That meant Dahl was available for the Rockies, and so they picked him. Hensley, then, fell all the way to No. 30, where he was picked by the New York Yankees.

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