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2012 MLB Draft: Order, Live Stream And More

The 2012 MLB Draft comes to a conclusion on Wednesday afternoon with the final rounds of the three-day even happening in quick order. On Tuesday, the draft sped up after Round 10 as things moved to conference-call only, and that is how Rounds 16-40 will go on Wednesday. The picks will be fast and furious and many of the players will be complete unknowns even to those who follow the draft deeply.

Due to the new collective bargaining agreement, the draft has been shortened from 50 rounds to 40, which means we'll likely see more undrafted free agent signings this summer. will once again have live audio of the event and a draft tracker, allowing us to follow the Colorado Rockies. They will select 10th in each of the remaining rounds unless they elect to pass and end their draft selections earlier than Round 40.

June 6, 10:00 a.m. MT
Rounds 16-40, First-Year Player Draft
Live on

And here is the draft order:

1 Houston Astros 16 Washington Nationals
2 Minnesota Twins 17 Toronto Blue Jays
3 Seattle Mariners 18 Los Angeles Dodgers
4 Baltimore Orioles 19 Los Angeles Angels
5 Kansas City Royals 20 San Francisco Giants
6 Chicago Cubs 21 Atlanta Braves
7 San Diego Padres 22 St. Louis Cardinals
8 Pittsburgh Pirates 23 Boston Red Sox
9 Miami Marlins 24 Tampa Bay Rays
10 Colorado Rockies 25 Arizona Diamondbacks
11 Oakland Athletics 26 Detroit Tigers
12 New York Mets 27 Milwaukee Brewers
13 Chicago White Sox 28 Texas Rangers
14 Cincinnati Reds 29 New York Yankees
15 Cleveland Indians 30 Philadelphia Phillies

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