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2012 MLB Draft Results: Rockies Snag LF Derek Jones In 8th Round

The Rockies spent a couple earlier picks in the draft, including their first pick, taking center fielders. Now they've moved on to the corners of the outfield as they selected LF Derek Jones out of Washington State with the No. 258 pick in the eighth round of the draft.

Though he was listed was a right fielder officially in the draft, scouts have seen him as a left field prospect because of his limited arm strength and speed. He hit very well at Washington State with .337/.445/.577 numbers in 196 at-bats. His ceiling would seem to be a backup left fielder on the pro level.

Derek was taken by the Baltimore Orioles during last year's draft in the 13th round but went back to school rather than signing. He was seen before the draft as a guy who could be taken a bit higher to save some money for later picks.

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