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2012 MLB Draft Results: Rockies Go For RHP Matt Carasiti In 6th Round

With the No. 194 pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, the Colorado Rockies went with their third pitcher in the draft, RHP Matt Carasiti from St. Johns.

Carasiti has a low 90's fastball and a decent slider, but has room to grow. He did start for St. Johns during his time there but is tagged as more of a reliever in the big leagues -- he played closer for the Red Storm at times. He is noted more for his great control than ability to blow guys away, more of a groundball guy than a strikeout guy.

Surprisingly, this is the second straight guy from St. Johns picked by the Rockies in this year's draft. Not what you expect to see this high, St. Johns isn't exactly known as a baseball power in the college world. Considering the pick from Buffalo earlier, the Rockies scouting in upstate NY must have been strong this year.

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