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2012 MLB Draft Results: Preston Tucker Drafted By Houston Astros

Florida Gators outfielder Preston Tucker returned to school for his senior season and is currently playing in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, but once that concludes he will join the Houston Astros after being their seventh round draft pick (No. 219 overall). The Rockies selected Tucker in the 16th round in 2011 because he was considered a tough sign.

Tucker is hitting .316/.396/.579 with 15 home runs and 46 RBI. He is the second Gator the Astros drafted this year, earlier selecting shortstop Nolan Fontana with the 61st overall pick. The Astros also had the first overall selection and took shortstop Carlos Correa. The Astros also picked up a top-five talent that fell due to signability concerns in Lance McCullers, Jr. We'll need to wait and see if the Astros can ink him to a contract.

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