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2012 MLB All Star Game: Troy Tulowitzki Leading NL Shortstops In Voting By Small Margin

Troy Tulowitzki is currently leading the race to start at shortstop for the NL in the 2012 MLB All Star Game.

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With 23 voting days left in the race for the 2012 MLB All Star Game, some of the early races already look like they're done. There's still a tough race going on in the voting for Shortstop in the National League, with Troy Tulowitzki currently on top with 823,708 votes. He is being chased closely at present by Rafael Furcal of the Cardinals, who has 803,524. Starlin Castro is third in the voting right now with 526,811 votes. Voting will close on June 28 with the All Star game itself taking place on July 10.

There are no other Rockies currently in the top running for any of their positions, but Carlos Gonzalez is currently 13th in the outfield voting for the NL with 386,860 votes.

If he makes it in, this would continue a string of All Star appearances for Tulowitzki. Tulo was voted into the 2010 All Star game but was forced to miss it because of injury. He also played in the 2011 All Star game after being voted in as a reserve by fellow players.

Tulo is batting .287 with eight home runs so far after the first third of the 2012 season. If you want to vote for Tulo, the MLB All Star ballot is located here.

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