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2012 MLB Draft Results: Rockies Draft CF Max White In 2nd Round

The Colorado Rockies used the 13th pick of the second round (73rd overall) to draft Williston (Fl.) High School center fielder Max White. He is committed to the Florida Gators, and many of those players are hard to sign away from the school. However, the Rockies must believe that they will be able to get him.

The 6-foot-2, 175-pound left-handed hitter is speedy with good defense, though he might not be a center fielder in the long term. He is still developing and needs to face more advanced pitching, but Baseball America ranked him No. 111 overall in this draft and mentions a Steve Finley comparison if things go well.

The Rockies' next two picks come in at No. 105 overall (Round 3) and No. 128 overall (Compensation B Round).

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