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Rockies' Rotation Actually 6-Man, Soon To Be 7 And, Hell, Eventually 11 And Beyond

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The Colorado Rockies' four-man rotation? Nah, that was just a figment of our imaginations. The Rockies actually have a six-man rotation that will soon be seven-men deep, reports USA Today's Bob Nightengale:

Beginning a week ago, the Rockies went to a six-man rotation. While it was widely reported the Rockies went to a four-man rotation, [Rockies GM Dan] O'Dowd insists it includes recently demoted Jeremy Guthrie and Guillermo Moscoso. And it will soon expand to seven starters.

But that's not the end of Dan O'Dowd's great experiment. The rotation will eventually be 11-men deep and something even far beyond that when the roster expands to 40 players in September. O'Dowd admits that the team won't be able to bring in top pitchers, but he certainly can sign a large number of mediocre starters to make this work. Well, at least put into a process.

As bad as this might seem upon initial receipt of this move, the Rockies do need to try something different and this is certainly out of the box. But that it'll be successfully implemented? We might see a pig fly first.

At the end of the article, Tracy quotes the old saying about insanity and expecting different results from doing the same thing over and over. He then goes on to say that the team is committed to this. But how committed should ownership be to O'Dowd and Tracy. Sure, they've been given votes of confidence, but maybe some new thinkers are needed.

Here's to reinventing the wheel.

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