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2012 MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies Not Eager To Trade Jeremy Guthrie

The latest update from Ken Rosenthal suggests the Colorado Rockies are not terribly interested in trading SP/RP Jeremy Guthrie, who was recently moved to the bullpen. Despite his 6.34 ERA and 6.33 FIP, Guthrie has improved out of the bullpen and the Rockies leadership wants to wait for the perfect fit before considering a trade:

Guthrie is durable and bounces back quickly, so the Rockies’ current position is that they will trade him only if a team offers them talent or salary relief; Guthrie still is owed more than $4.5 million.

The Rockies currently sport a 27-44 record -- the third worst in the league, ahead of the worst record, the Chicago Cubs, by only 3 games. Sitting at 15.0 games behind the first place Los Angeles Dodgers (43-30), the Rockies playoff hopes have all but ended, making them of the few sellers in the upcoming trading deadline.

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