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Troy Tulowitzki Injury: Return Isn't Expected Until August

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki will likely miss around six weeks as he recovers from upcoming groin surgery, as Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports. The team hasn't officially announced a time table yet, but Renck says that conservative estimates don't have the shortstop returning until some time in August.

Tulowitzki is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery Thursday morning in Philadelphia, where the Rockies are playing the Phillies currently. The surgery will remove scar tissue from a nerve in his groin area, which is creating significant pain for the Rockies' star player.

Renck notes that the injury is not a sports hernia, and there's nothing wrong with Tulowitzki's hip labrum. The team believes that it has the issue figured out for the long-term, but they'll surely miss his presence in the upcoming weeks.

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