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Troy Tulowitzki Injury: Lingering Injury Stumping Doctors, Still No Timetable For Return

Troy Tulowitzki's injury issues this season have been awful for the Colorado Rockies, and his most recent one has started to fall squarely into the category of 'just strange'. While coming off an injury in a rehab stint at AAA Colorado Springs, Tulo hurt himself while running the bases and was immediately pulled.

Two MRIs later, the Denver Post reports that doctors can't seem to figure out the exact cause of his injury:

"We're not sure what's wrong," he said.

Tulowitzki flew here Monday to consult with Dr. Bill Meyers to determine whether he suffered a sports hernia. "Sports hernia" is the common name for athletic pubalgia, which is a tear of muscles in the lower abdomen.

If it is a sports hernia, surgery will most likely be required on the star Shortstop.

Not only is the lingering, mystery injury hurting the Rockies -- they clearly have been missing his offense and especially his defense in the past few, error filled series -- but also his chances at being named an All Star again. He lost his slim lead in the NL Shortstop voting earlier on Tuesday, likely because he just hasn't been able to play. Until they know exactly what's wrong and how to stop it, we won't know when to expect Troy to return to the Rockies.

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