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MLB Draft 2012: A Look At Colorado's Top Prospects, Including Rockies Favorite Jeff Popick

According to Baseball America, the talent entering the MLB Draft out of Colorado this year is underwhelming, but that doesn't been the fields are bare. Only two players made BA's list of the top 500 prospects entering the draft, a pair of prep pitchers, but they did note some interest in one player by the local big league ballclub.

Mesa State outfielder Jeff Popick doesn't make BA's list of top prospects, but he's still apparently been endearing himself to the Colorado Rockies over the past few years. As Conor Glassey writes, they "would love to see him on the roster of their new Rookie-level affiliate in Grand Junction."

An athletic outfielder that reportedly has solid tools, Popick went undrafted last year but has continued to crush the ball for Mesa State in 2012. He's played left field in college, and playing that position at the professional level would be a major limit on his potential, but he may not profile at any other defensive spot.

BA considers Pine Creek HS pitcher Ryan Warner and Highlands Ranch HS pitcher Ryan Burr to be the state's top two players. Ranked 204th and 205th on the publication's national list, respectively, neither is considered to be an elite prospect at this point. Both players have strong frames and can hit the low 90's, but they're both considered pretty raw.

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