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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Keith Law Projects Kevin Gausman To Kansas City Royals At No. 5

It's quite unlikely that Colorado native and LSU RHP Kevin Gausman will fall down to the Colorado Rockies at No. 10 in the upcoming 2012 MLB Draft, and that's no different in ESPN Insider Keith Law's latest MLB mock draft. He has Gausman going to the Kansas City Royals at No. 5, but that's not set in stone or anything:

All arms are in play here right now -- including Gausman, Zimmer and Lance McCullers Jr. -- although I did also hear Albert Almora as a dark horse here. If the board blew up, they would also consider Zunino.

Zimmer, a product of the University of San Francisco, goes two picks later at No. 7 while McCullers isn't projected in the first round due to signability concerns.

With draft budgets in place and severe penalties for going over that money, it will be interesting to see how teams change their draft strategies. Even if the Royals pass on Gausman at No. 5 -- if he doesn't go before then -- one of the four teams selecting immediately ahead of the Rockies will be a good bet to snatch him.

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