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Carlos Gonzalez And The Rockies Offense: No Humidor, No Problem?

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post took to his blog on Tuesday, suggesting the Colorado Rockies should turn off the Coors Field humidor and allow Carlos Gonzalez win the Triple Crown:

If the Rockies unplugged the humidor in their home ballpark, Gonzalez could be the first National League player to win the triple crown since Joe Medwick did it for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1937.

So why not sell the humidor at a garage sale, or haul it to the junkyard in the dead of night? C'mon, nothing is going to help this sorry excuse for a Colorado pitching staff. Let visiting teams complain about four-hour tests of patience. Let Gonzalez mash.

Undeniably, Carlos Gonzalez hits well at Coors Field. At home, he has a 1.000 OPS; while visiting other parks, he sports a .753 OPS. If the Rockies officially decided to return to pre-2002 Coors Field, the team could very easy grab two Triple Crowns -- one for CarGo and one for their obliterated pitching staff, which would allow approximately ∞ runs.

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