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Rockies Vs. Marlins Lineups: Jason Giambi Starts On Wednesday

The Colorado Rockies are out to end a six-game losing streak on Wednesday, but it will be a tough task for a victory, as the previous week's worth of games have shown. Eric Young Jr. and Marco Scutaro lead things off while Jason Giambi makes an appearance as the starting first baseman.

The Rockies' lineup:

1. Eric Young CF
2. Marco Scutaro 2B
3. Carlos Gonzalez LF
4. Troy Tulowitzki SS
5. Jason Giambi 1B
6. Michael Cuddyer RF
7. Jordan Pacheco 3B
8. Ramon Hernandez C
9. Alex White P

The Marlins' lineup:

1. Jose Reyes SS
2. Omar Infante 2B
3. Hanley Ramirez 3B
4. Greg Dobbs 1B
5. Giancarlo Stanton RF
6. Chris Coghlan LF
7. Brett Hayes C
8. Bryan Petersen CF
9. Carlos Zambrano P

Stanton somehow still doesn't bat clean-up, but, hey, he did break the scoreboard the other night.

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