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2012 MLB Draft: Rockies Have $6.6 Million To Work With In Top 10 Rounds

The 2012 MLB Draft will be different than in years past due to changes in the new collective bargaining agreement. The bonuses for each pick in the first 10 rounds are based off the No. 1 overall pick, which is slotted in at $7.2 million this year. Add the total of each pick a team has in the first 10 rounds and that is the total money pool a team has to use to sign its draft picks from those selections. For the Rockies, that means they will have $6,628,300 for the first 10 rounds, $2.7 million for the No. 10 overall pick. Here is a complete breakdown of the signing bonuses the team can give out (via Baseball America):

Total picks: 12 $6,628,300
#10 $2,700,000
#46 $1,107,700
#74 $701,700
#105 $454,000
#128 $363,700
#138 $330,300
#168 $247,300
#198 $185,200
#228 $147,300
#258 $137,600
#288 $128,500
#318 $125,000

While a team can be penalized for going over the slot bonus -- making it unlikely a team will go over that limit -- a team does not need to use the full recommended bonus money and can spread it around. However, should a team not sign a player, that money can't be moved around and is taken out of the team's money pool.

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