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Troy Tulowitzki Injury: Rockies SS Leaves Game After Hit By Line Drive Foul Ball, Single

The Colorado Rockies are locked in a tight 1-1 contest with the San Francisco Giants in the top of the eighth inning, but they just lost shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for the remainder of the game. While sitting in the dugout, Tulowitzki's left leg took a blow from a line drive foul ball and was clearly in pain. He tried to rub it out and eventually hobbled to home plate for his at-bat just two batters later.

He picked up an infield single, but by the time he was safe and time was called, he was limping once again. Manager Jim Tracy and the training staff came out to pull Tulowitzki from the game. Chris Nelson came to pinch run for Tulowitzki.

Tulowitzki's status is not yet known.

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