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Troy Tulowitzki-Ubaldo Jimenez Incident: Indians Pitcher Appeals 5-Game Suspension

The former Colorado Rockies pitcher, SP Ubaldo Jimenez, is appealing the five-game suspension for hitting Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki in the March 1 Spring Training game.

Jimenez, who now pitches for the Cleveland Indians, denied that the errant throw was intentionally aimed at the Rockies' shortstop, but the difficult history between the two players -- as well as Ubaldo's immediate reaction after hitting Tulowitzki -- appears to have swayed the league against Jimenez.

The former Rockies pitcher enters his 28-year-old season and sports a 3.76 ERA and 3.60 FIP through 916 and 1/3 career innings pitched. The Rockies traded Jimenez to the Indians midway through the 2011 season.

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