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Mets Vs. Rockies Lineups: Dexter Fowler Hits In No. 8 Slot

The Colorado Rockies will put out a slightly different than normal this season when they take the batter's box and the field against the New York Mets on Friday. The notable change to the lineup is that Jonathan Herrera will bat in the second spot while Dexter Fowler has been moved down to the eight hole.

Here is the full Rockies lineup:

2B Marco Scutaro
3B Jonathan Herrera
LF Carlos Gonzalez
SS Troy Tulowitzki
1B Todd Helton
RF Michael Cuddyer
C Ramon Hernandez
CF Dexter Fowler
P Drew Pomeranz

And here is the Mets lineup:

CF Kirk Nieuwenhuis
SS Ruben Tejada
2B Daniel Murphy
3B David Wright
LF Scott Hairston
RF Lucas Duda
1B Zach Lutz
C Mike Nickeas
P Chris Schwinden

Nieuwenhuis attended high school in Denver, which makes this a return trip here.

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