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Ubaldo Jimenez Denies Intentional Wrong-Doing

Cleveland Indians SP Ubaldo Jimenez says his plunking of SS Troy Tulowitzki was not on purpose and that he would not apologize to the bruised shortstop, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

"I shouldn’t be suspended," Jimenez said Monday before Cleveland’s final Cactus League game against Cincinnati. "Players are hit by pitches every day. With a guy like him, you have to go inside. I can’t get the ball to go where I want every time."

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Jimenez and Tulowitzki have reportedly had an ongoing feud since Jimenez's days in Colorado, but the 28-year-old righty claims that had nothing to do with the incident:

"He was calling me names," Jimenez said. "I already said I didn’t want to hit him. I had five walks. It’s not the first time somebody (was) hit."

The Indians pitcher may receive a suspension if the MLB deems the pitch was intentionally thrown at Tulo.

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