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Ubaldo Jimenez Could Receive Suspension For Throwing At Troy Tulowitzki

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki appears all right after Ubaldo Jimenez threw at him during Sunday's game against the pitcher's Cleveland Indians (video). Precautionary x-rays showed that Tulowitzki's left elbow is OK, but we'll need to see what happens when he attempts to swing a bat. But for Jimenez, the consequences of his action could be swift from Commissioner Bud Selig:

Of course, suspending a starting pitcher for, say, five games doesn't impact the team too much. The pitcher would miss one start, which could easily be a horrible start gone missing. But based on the video evidence, Jimenez certainly looks like he wanted a showdown with Tulowitzki after drilling him (sort of) with a pitch. The speed with which he dropped his glove and went toward home plate seem to indicate that Jimenez was looking for something.

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