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VIDEO: Ubaldo Jimenez Throws At Troy Tulowitzki

Several hours after Cleveland Indians pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez threw at Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, several hours after Jim Tracy called Ubaldo Jimenez' plunking of Tulowitzki "gutless" and several hours after fans had plenty of time to imagine what happened by reading the various tweets and interpret the radio call, video of this incident finally emerged.

Check it out below:

All right. Tulo makes a move toward the mound, but Jimenez is the far more aggressive one after the pitch is thrown. Or not. I don't know. This is all Zapruder-ish, don't you know?

That glove is flying off and Jimenez heads straight to home plate with all due haste before the umpire and Marco Scutaro hold things down. That doesn't prevent the benches from clearing, but there wasn't much else happening after this. It's almost the standard bench-clearing move where everyone gets up, mills about and then they all go back to the bench, the batter's box, the outfield or wherever else they take the game in from.

Debate among yourselves whatever you want about this situation. I'll go spend my mental energies doing something else.