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SP Jamie Moyer Sets Record, Reflects On Career

The Colorado Rockies fans got a treat on Tuesday night when SP Jamie Moyer pitched 7.0 innings with one strike out and two walks, earning his first win of the season. In addition to breaking his two-game losing streak, Moyer also broke the record for oldest MLB pitcher with a win.

At age 49 -- going on 50 this November -- Moyer now boasts yet another entry in the MLB's record books. His historical win puts him at 689 wins and 631 losses for his career and a total of 4038 innings. Moyer recently spoke with the KKFN radio station and reflected on his win and some of the highlights of his career:

"I’ve always been the guy on the short end of the stick when it comes to velocity or stuff, but it’s what you have in your heart, what you have in your belly, the fire that you have, the passion that you have. Being around younger players, we have a lot of young players on our team here in Colorado, but the one thing they’re missing is experience. The only way they can gain that is on-the-job training. If I can help them cut some corners, in the correct way, in the learning process … I just love it."

Moyer also took time to discuss the present Rockies team, saying the team needed greater consistency moving forward:

"We haven’t created any consistency yet. As a starting rotation, I think we could be far better. I think the talent that we have has not shown its ability quite yet. Offensively, we’ve either done really well or we’ve struggled. I’m really surprised at the defense. I think this is a way better defensive team. What the reasoning is for our inconsistency with defense, I don’t know, but I think this will all get worked out. We are young, but you can only say that so many times. Pretty soon we’re not going to be young."

The Rockies will have a chance to find some consistency on Friday night, when they look to extend their winning streak to three games against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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