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Rockies Spring Training 2012: Ubaldo Jimenez Wanted Trade Before Being Dealt To Cleveland

Cleveland Indians pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez says that he went into spring training a year ago looking for the Colorado Rockies to trade him, but he had to wait until June 30 to see a deal get completed.

Speaking with Tracy Ringolsby of FOX Sports Arizona, Jimenez says that he was disappointed when the team gave contract extensions to fellow stars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez without offering one to him.

I read in the paper that the Rockies said they were only going to sign two guys, they couldn't do three guys. I was the third guy. They signed the two guys they were going to sign and they gave them more (years) and bigger (salaries).

Uncomfortable with the situation as the season began, Jimenez also dealt with some injuries that further compounded the pitcher's issues. Eventually, he was traded to Cleveland for a package centered on prospects Drew Pomeranz and Alex White.

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