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Alex White DUI: Rockies Pitcher Faces Potential 'Extreme DUI' Charge

Colorado Rockies pitcher Alex White might be in a tougher situation than originally thought. After news broke on Sunday that the pitcher was arrested on Saturday night for a DUI, White and general manager Dan O'Dowd talked with the media and mentioned that the team would not issue any punishment. However, the law might have something else to say about that. White potentially faces an "extreme DUI" charge, reports Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post.

His blood-alcohol level according to the test he took was 0.174, over twice the legal limit of 0.08. A blood test is waiting to corroborate the test administered at the scene of the crime.

In 2009, Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi was arrested for having a BAC of 0.17 while driving in Arizona. She was suspended for two games by the team and then later had her license suspended and spent a day in jail.

The Rockies, meanwhile, believe that White has learned his lesson and will not punish him. Well, that's the story for now.

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