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Colorado Rockies' Joe Torres Offers Explanation, Apology For Suspension

Colorado Rockies minor league pitcher Joe Torres offered an explanation and an apology for recently being suspended by MLB for testing positive for amphetamines. Torres contacted the Denver Post today to discuss the matter, explaining that he uses the drugs for a prescribed medical condition.

Although my positive test was for a prescribed medication for a personal matter that I have been diagnosed for I would like to apologize to the Rockies organization, my family and any others that may have been affected by this.

He emphasized that he never intended to use the drug as a PED, and that's never been the case.

I can assure everyone that even though this medication falls under the 'PED' category I have never used it for such. This positive test does not reflect the person I am and what I stand for. I have a strong love and utmost respect for the game and would never cheat it.

The Rockies have already released a statement about the suspension displaying disappointment in the pitcher's actions. Last season in Double-A, he posted a 2.28 ERA in 51 appearances.

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