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Colorado Rockies Sign Australian Prospect Robert Perkins, According To Report

The Colorado Rockies are no stranger to Australia when it comes to signing baseball talent. While Shane Lindsay never panned out while with the Rockies and David Kandilas was a 20-year-old outfielder for his third season with the Casper Rockies last year, the Rockies have turned to Australia with its recent signing of 17-year-old catcher Robert Perkins, reports Jack Etkin at Baseball America (subscription required).

He staying in Australia to play at MLB's Australian Academy and will spend some time in the Dominican next year. He'll graduate from high school in November.

Kandilas had his best season so far, hitting .327/.398/.548 with 17 doubles, 10 triples and 6 home runs in 2011. He also stole 15 bases. He played in 61 games after having limited playing time in his first two years.

The Aussie Invasion marches on.

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