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Colorado Rockies Announce Return Of Entire Coaching Staff In 2012

The Colorado Rockies announced on Tuesday night that Jim Tracy's entire 2011 coaching staff will return in 2012. This announcement was expected on Wednesday, but since no one was relieved of their duties there appears to have been no issue making it earlier.

That means Tom Runnels returns as the bench coach, Bob Apodaca as the pitching coach, Carney Lansford as the hitting coach, Glenallen Hill and Rich Dauer as the first and third base coaches and Jim Wright as the bullpen coach.

According to Thomas Harding:

Tracy says pointing fingers is "the easy way out," so he's not going to do that to his coaching staff.

That's not a helpful answer. While Tracy had every right to keep his same exact staff, where exactly is the change from 2011's outcome going to come in 2012? Tracy lathered this season, rinsed with having control over his 2012 staff and then repeated.

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