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Rockies Vs. Giants: Alex White Makes Final Start Of The Season

The Colorado Rockies have just two games left this season and they will have the two rookies the team acquired in the Ubaldo Jimenez trade on the mound for those games. First up is Alex White, who had had a rough go of things since he first pitched for the team in late August. He will face the San Francisco Giants for the second time this season.

White (2-3, 8.63 ERA) had one of the worst starts in his brief career so far in that Coors Field game against the Giants. He allowed six runs in 5-2/3 innings and saw two balls fly out of the park. He's allowing 3.1 home runs per nine innings. His last start on Sept. 22 was the only one with the Rockies which didn't see him serve up a gopher ball.

In five of his six starts with the Rockies, White has allowed five or more runs. In the remaining start he allowed four runs and picked up the win thanks to the Rockies' offense. It's time he finished the season strong and fare better than we've seen so far.

White will face Madison Bumgarner (12-13, 3.32 ERA) for a second time this season. Bumgarner held the Rockies to one unearned run in seven innings for the victory in that game. Time to turn the tables on him.

First pitch is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. MT.

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