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Rex Brothers, Jordan Pacheco Can't Pull Off Leia's 'Slave Girl' Outfit

It was rookie hazing time after the Colorado Rockies' 19-3 victory over the Houston Astros on Sunday afternoon. This year's theme was Star Wars. Rex Brothers and Jordan Pacheco had to wear the famous 'Leia Slave-Girl Outfit' costume. I think Jabba would have fed them to the Sarlacc also, so check out the picture after the jump.


via @EYJr

And here's one of all the rookies:


via @TroyRenck

From Renck on who is who:

Players are L-R top row White, M Reynolds, Burgess, Miller, Brothers, Pomeranz, Giambi, bottom row: Field as Yoda, Escalona, Pacheco

I guess Yoda used the Force yesterday to help the Rockies to the victory.