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Rockies' Todd Helton, Carlos Gonzalez Likely Out For Remainder Of Season

Injuries should never be an excuse for losing, but they certainly are what lead to poor play. The Colorado Rockies are no stranger to injuries this season, and the current eight-game losing has been impacted by the latest set of them. Todd Helton and Carlos Gonzalez are unlikely to play in any of the six remaining games, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post.

Helton's back has bothered him all season, but an MRI revealed nothing that would indicate surgery is necessary. He still has two years left on his contract and wants to finish the deal out, but he might no longer be fit to be an "everyday" first baseman. The Rockies have had Jordan Pacheco play first base this season, though he played second base last night and has played the hot corner.

Gonzalez has had a recurring wrist injury since July, when he first injured it diving into the outfield wall. He had his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday, which kept him from traveling to Houston with the team. He will be there on Friday.

At this point, it makes little sense to play either. The Rockies have nothing to gain and could see further injury if the two play.

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