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MLB Standings Update: Colorado Rockies Look For Odd-Year Magic Once Again

Can the Colorado Rockies continue their odd-year magic once again? It began in 2007 with the streak of all streaks: winning 21 of 22 during the regular season and into the playoffs. Rocktober. But then all that momentum ended when they waited five years in a span of a week to play the Boston Red Sox.

Two thousand eight was a season we all best forget. It looked like that season carried over into 2009, but the dismissal of Clint Hurdle and replacing him with Jim Tracy did wonders to motivate the team. Yet, the team lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in the opening round of the playoffs.

Then in September of 2010, Troy Tulowitzki hit like crazy for the first half of September. Then he and the team fell flat in for the last couple of weeks. And we all know what's gone on this season: offensive inconsistency, injuries and a whole lot of nothing at points.

Yet, it's an odd-numbered year and the Rockies might have some of that late-season magic in them. They are 7-3 in their last 10 games and nine games out of first place. The Diamondbacks are in first place and the Giants are only three games behind them.

The Rockies have two series left against the Diamondbacks and two against the Giants. Even better? The last series of the season is against the Giants. Imagine if the NL West lead somehow came down to that series. Maybe a wild dream, but who doesn't want to see high drama in that series?