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Wandy Rodriguez Taken Off Waivers By Astros; Rockies Stand Ground On Trade Talks

The Colorado Rockies put in a waiver claim on Wandy Rodriguez on Tuesday afternoon, but on Wednesday night the Astros took the pitcher, who performed in the day's game against the Rockies, off waivers, reports Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle.

According to Troy Renck, the Rockies did not want to pay the price the Astros were asking: Wilin Rosario or Drew Pomeranz and all $36 million remaining on Rodriguez's contract. That would have been a steep price. Pomeranz, likely out for the season after an emergency, was acquired as part of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade. Rodriguez is not near the level of pitcher Jimenez is (or was, depending on the point of view).

Rosario is one of the Rockies' top minor league bats and can play catcher. With all that money and giving up a future power bat, it was unlikely the Rockies were ever going to make a trade work. Still, keep an eye on the Astros and Rodriguez over the offseason. The two sides could always start talks again.

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