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Ian Stewart, Rockies Trade Chip?

With his latest call-up, Ian Stewart is receiving a third chance to finally build on the potential he's displayed since being the team's first-round draft choice in 2003. But it's been a struggle for him ever since he broke into the majors, and now the team could be looking to trade him, speculates the Denver Post's Troy Renck. While the Rockies aren't actively discussing any trade offers, Renck apparently believes there are teams looking into trading for him.

Even if Stewart did get eight hits over the next two games (dependent on him playing in Thursday's contest), the Rockies still wouldn't be dealing from a position of great strength. And GM Dan O'Dowd could still hold onto Stewart and keep him on the roster . . . somehow.

That's the thing, really. Have the Rockies already held onto Stewart for too long? O'Dowd and the Rockies like to give as many chances as they can to their players. A 26-year-old, power hitting third baseman is an entity any team would want, but at what price or for how much longer? We have about 25 days to see what happens.